Monitored Security System
Imagine having an employee that tirelessly works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while continuously delivering superior results. When you hire Syncronos Security Systems that is exactly what you get. Our monitoring service provides your business with an entire team of vigilant dispatchers that keep a watchful eye on your facilities around the clock. At the first sight of an emergency, these experienced dispatchers will contact our alarm response agents, local law enforcement, or the fire department.

With six interconnected monitoring centers across the country, you know someone will always be there for you.

Benefits of Our Monitoring
Businesses enjoy the additional benefits that monitoring provides with the tracking of openings, closings, unscheduled entries and any unusual activities. Today's business owners and managers view a professionally monitored alarm system as smart planning for the safety of their business. The moment you realize your system should have been monitored, it may be to late.

If your business is not protected by a Syncronos Security Systems Monitored Security System, you may be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk of damage and loss.

Alarm Response Service
The primary reason for owning a business or home alarm is to generate an immediate response when something goes wrong. Since the police can't always guarantee immediate action, what does that mean for the safety of your home, your belongings or your business?

As an additional layer of protection, Private Guards can respond on your behalf when there is an alarm. Uniformed guards in marked patrol cars will perform a perimeter check of your business. If there is an emergency, guards will contact the authorities and remain on location until they arrive. Private Guard Response is an inexpensive solution to ensure a timely response.

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