A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
A video surveillance system from Syncronos Security Systems is a valuable tool for the safety of your employees, and your bottom line. Video surveillance has been shown to act as a powerful deterrent to crime against employees, as well as shrinkage from both inside and outside your organization. Surveillance can also help optimize your production and distribution procedures or assist you in analyzing your clientele's purchasing behavior.
Design and Implementation
Syncronos Security Systems specializes in video surveillance systems. We can provide our clients with everything from the stand alone camera in the corner store to highly complex, integrated and IP addressable surveillance systems for high security environments.
IP Surveillance Solutions
Surveillance systems can do more than simply watch and record. Surveillance systems can now use analytics to follow specific events, use facial recognition to identify particular individuals, digitally zoom on recorded images to clearly see faces, objects in hands, and even type on documents. Want to check surveillance videos, live or recorded, on your mobile device? IP cameras and intelligent software give you that flexibility.

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